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Suture and Wound Closure Kits

Close deep wounds with handy suture kits and wound closure glue.

Suture and Syringe Medic
A must have for anyone traveling to countries with lower quality medical facilities to ensure the serility of items used on you should you become hospitalized durring your travels.
Suture Kit
A hospital quality field surgical kit for closing wounds. The Suture Kit is an essential item for travel in developing countries where sterile items are not always available.
Suture Syringe Medic
This small kit ensures that you have sterile supplies available to you in any situation, especially popular with travelers in developing countries.
Suture/Syringe Kit
When traveling in remote places, it is essential to carry sterile supplies in the event that you or someone in your group needs medical attention. The Suture Syringe Kit, by Adventure Medical Kits, contains everything you need: suturing supplies and sterile needles for IVs and injecting medications. When traveling in a developing country, this kit is a must. It comes conveniently packaged in a roll-out zippered pouch. Kit Contents: Wound closure strips(10) Povidone iodine(1) Tincture of benzoin(2) Antibiotic ointment(4) Antiseptic towelettes(5) Surgical sterile gloves(4) 4x4 or 3x3 or 2x2 gauze pads(4) Non-adherent sterile dressing(2) 5x9 trauma pad(2) Conforming gauze pad 2"(1) Adhesive tape 1/2"(1) 3-0 nylon suture with cutting needle(1) 5-0 nylon suture with cutting needle(1) Scalpel(1) 3cc. syringe(1) 5cc. syringe(1) 10cc. syringe with catheter(1) 25g. x 5/8" needle(2) 18g. x 1.5" needle(2) 21g. x 1.5" needle(2) Angiocatheter 18g.(1) Sterile drape(1) Mayo-hager needle holder 5"(1) Scissors S/S 5"(1) Thumb tissue forceps 4.5"(1) I.V. administration set(1) Anti-viral towelettes(1)

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