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ACT! 2005 - Contact & Customer Manager
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Palo Alto Business Plan Pro 2006
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Microsoft OneNote 2003 [Capture all your information in one place]
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Interact Comm. ACT! 6.0 for 2004 - 5 User ( 07FP63USCL00 )
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GOLDMINE 6.5 Customer & Contact Management- 1 User
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ACT! 6.0 for 2004 - Contact Management Solution
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ACT! 2005 Premium for Workgroups (5 User Pack)
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ACT! 2005 Premium for Workgroups Upgrade
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GoldMine Business Contact Manager
GoldMine Business Contact Manager is a software solution for team-based contact management. It can be implemented out-of-the-box, offering the same automation benefits previously available only to larger corporations, and at a fraction of the cost and time. Effectively track and improve your customer interactions through collaborative contact management and increased visibility into your sales and forecasts. Make sure the right information is available to everyone on your team, from anywhere, at any time.

Business Contact Manager lets you see the combined status of all your pending sales. See a graphical representation of the stages, close dates, and potential revenue. Link the right people and documents to the overall process. Get instant access to a complete customer view and gain visibility into all your organization's interactions with a customer.

Business Contact Manager helps you take advantage of Internet resources. The Web Data Capture feature allows you to collect leads and information requests from your Web site and link with automated processes, delivering leads to your sales team. The E-mail Center lets you send and receive messages from within GoldMine and automatically links them to a contact's record. Enhanced Outlook e-mail integration gives you the ability to manage e-mail messages from your Outlook inbox and synchronizes not only e-mail messages, but also contacts, tasks, and calendar entries. Included in Business Contact Manager are many more features to help you better manage customer relationships.

ABS Customer Appointment Manager
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Goldmine 6.0 Business Contact Manager
An affordable way to quickly share information, automate sales and marketing, and manage e-mail, GoldMine is a team-based contact manager. Specifically designed to help small and mid-size organizations grow, this solution reaches far beyond personal contact managers. Businesses can automate their sales and marketing activities, while utilizing powerful features that help centralize customer information. GoldMine Business Contact Manager provides results right out of the box, and can be even further customized with simple wizards. GoldMine calendar and contact information can also be synchronized with PDAs and other handheld devices.
Ultimate Business Planner
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People Manager 3.0
People Manager helps save you time by maintaining accurate personnel records. The software centralizes employee information, alerts you to the legal significance of employee-management issues, and provides expert human resource advice. Keep track of records and document actions like hiring, promotions, reviews, or terminations.

The software can also remind you about important events like benefits eligibility dates, and it provides flexible options for tracking attendance and interfaces with your payroll service, including formats for Paychex Paylink, ADP, and Ceridian. People Manager enables anyone to have access to many of the key skills of a full-time HR expert. Use this program to get prepared, stay organized, protect your company from litigation, and build employee confidence by keeping accurate records of the time they have worked.

I'M In Touch V3.1 (12 Month)
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Organizer 6.0
Do you have more things to do, places to go, and people to see than you can possibly fit into 24 hours? Then you need new Lotus Organizer 6, the world's leading personal-information manager, with more than forty-two million users worldwide. Control your time, your contacts, and your information. Lotus Organizer 6 is fast to learn and easy to use because it looks and works just like a manual day planner--but it does so much more. Simplify your life with Lotus Organizer 6--the ultimate time manager for a connected world.

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