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Many terms frequently used in science and medicine are derived from latin words. By combining the root words with, prefixes and suffixes many of the meanings of the terms can be deciphered.

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Complete Glossary of Medical Root Words

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vagotomy operation to cut the vagus nerve which causes the stomach to produce less acid
vagus nerve nerve in the stomach that controls the production of stomcch acid
valve fold in thelining of an organ that prevents fluid from flowing backward
valvuloplasty repairing a heart valve
varices stretched veins such as those that form in the esophagus from cirrhosis
varicose vein an abnormally dilated vein, usually found in the legs
vascular pertaining to blood vessels
vasodilator agent that widens blood vessels
vein blood vessel that carries blood from the body back to the heart
ventilation movement of air in and out of lungs
ventricle one of the two pumping chambers of the heart
ventricular fibrillation a condition in which the ventricles contract in rapid and unsynchronized rhythms and cannot pump blood into the body
vestibular system system in the body that is responsible for maintaing the body's orientation in space, balance & posture
vestibule bony cavity of the inner ear
villi tiny finger-like projections on the surface of the small intestine that help absorb nutrients
virectomy operation to remove the blood that collects at the back of the eyes when a person has eye disease
vitreous body a clear, jelly-like substance that fills the center of the eye
vocal tremor trembling or shaking of one or more of the muscles of the larynx
volvulus twisting of the stomach or large intestine




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