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Many terms frequently used in science and medicine are derived from latin words. By combining the root words with, prefixes and suffixes many of the meanings of the terms can be deciphered.

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Complete Glossary of Medical Root Words

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halitosis oral health condition (odorous breath)
hamstrings muscles located in the posterior compartment of the thigh
heart block interrupted electrical impluse to heart muscles
Heberden's nodes bony swellings around the margins of joints associated with degenerative arthritis
hematopathology study of blood, bone marrow, and the organs and tissues that use blood cells to perform their functions
hemorrhage term for bleeding
hepatology field of medicine covering the functions and disorders of the liver
high density lipoprotein (HDL) "good cholesterol" that promotes the breakdown and removal of cholesterol from the body.
histamine chemical present in cells throughout the body that is released during an allergic reaction
hormones chemical substances created by the body that control body functions
hyaloid canal narrow passageway that allows blood to flow through the eye

use of water as medical treatment

hyperextension active or passive force which takes the joint into extension but beyond its normal range
hyperglycemia high levels of glucose in the blood
hyperopia farsightedness
hypertrophy an increase in the size of tissue
hypogeusia diminished sensitivity to taste
hypomobility decrease in joint movement
hyposmia diminished sensitivity to smell
hypotension abnormally low blood pressure
hypothalamus small structure at the base of the brain that regulates certain body functions
hypoxia depletion of oxygen cells and tissues




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