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Many terms frequently used in science and medicine are derived from latin words. By combining the root words with, prefixes and suffixes many of the meanings of the terms can be deciphered.

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Complete Glossary of Medical Root Words

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debridement removal of foreing material or infected tissue from a wound or burn
decibel unit that measures loudness of sound
deciduous teeth baby or primary teeth
defibrillator electronic device used to establish a normal heart beat
dermatopathology study of the skin
diagnosis identifying signs, symptons and lab findings
diastolic blood pressure lowest blood pressure measure in the arteries, which occurs between heartbeats
digestion process the body uses to break down food into simple substances for energy, growht and cell repair
dilate relax; expand
diplopia double vision
distention bloating or swelling of the abdomen
diuretic medication that lowes blood pressure
diverticulosis condition that occurs when small pouches push outward through weak spots in the colon
diverticulum small pouch in the colon
dopamine a chemical substance found in the brain that regulates movement, balance and walking
dysentery infectious disease of the colon
dysequilibrium any disturbance of balance
dysgeusia distortion or absence of the sense of taste
dyspepsia indigestion
dysphagia difficulty in swallowing
dysphonia any impairment of the voice or difficulty speaking
dysplasia an abnormality of growth
dyspnea shortness of breath
dysrhythmia an abnormal heart rhythm
dystonia slow movement or extended spasm in a group of muscles
dystrophin a protein found in normal muscle tissue




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