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Many terms frequently used in science and medicine are derived from latin words. By combining the root words with, prefixes and suffixes many of the meanings of the terms can be deciphered.

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Complete Glossary of Medical Root Words

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balloon angioplasty procedure used to widen narrowed arteries
barium metallic, chemical, chalky liquid used to coat the inside of organs so that they will show up on an xray
barotrauma injury to the middle ear caused by reduced air pressure
basal body temperature body temrperature; often used in charting ovulation
beta blocker blocks epinephrine used to assist in the control blood pressure
beta cells cells that make insulin
biarthrodial muscles muscles that span over two joints and have function over those joints
bilateral affecting both sides of the body
biliary tract gallbladder and bile ducts
blood plasma fluid part of the blood that contains nutrients, glucose, proteins and other substances
bone density test a test that measures the strength and density of bones
bradycardia abnormally slow heartbeat
bradykinesia slowness of movement
bradyphrenia slowness of thought process
bronchodilators a group of drugs that widen the airways in the lungs
bronchus one of the two large airways of the lungs;




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