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Many terms frequently used in science and medicine are derived from latin words. By combining the root words with, prefixes and suffixes many of the meanings of the terms can be deciphered.

Use the following resources to better understand medical terms:

Medical Roots or Stems
Prefixes commonly used in medical terms
Suffixes commonly used in medical terms

Glossary of Medical Root Words

ab(s) from
ad towards
an without
ambi / amphi both
ana up to, move from
aniso unequal
ante before, forwards
anti against, opposite
bi two
bio life
brachy short
cata down
circum around
con together
contra against
cyte cell
de away from
di two
diplo double
dur hard, firm
dys bad, abnormal
e / ec / ecto /ek out of
em / en / endo in, into
ent within
epi on
eso carry
eury broad
ex / exo out of
extra beyond
hapto bind
hemi half
hept seven
hetero different
homo same
hyper in excess, excessive
hypo below, deficient
im / in not
infra below, underneath
inter among, between
intro during
iso equal
juxta adjacent
macro / magno / mega large
medi / meso middle
mega / megalo large
meta beyond, between
micro small
neo new
non not
ob before
octa / octo eight
pachy thick
para beside
pent five
per by, through
peri around
pleo more than normal or usual
poly many
post behind
pre before
pros / prox beside
pseudo false
quar four
re back, again
retro backwards
semi half
sex six
sept seven
sub under
super / supra above, over
syn / sys together
tetra four
trans accross
uni one
ultra beyond




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