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OmniForm 5.0
OmniForm 5.0 allows you to quickly turn paper forms into digital forms, or create new digital forms from scratch. OmniForm 5.0 comes with a complete set of predesigned templates to facilitate the creation of new forms. Forms can be printed and distributed, or sent via e-mail so recipients can fill them out electronically on their computers.

OmniForm 5.0 also comes with a single license for OmniForm Filler/Data Manager to expedite the filling out of digital forms, a real timesaver for individuals who complete forms on a regular basis. The Filler/Data Manager software maintains a database of information about the user and automatically fills in information that has been provided on previous forms. OmniForm 5.0 is ideal for individuals who need to create forms, or who receive and fill out a large number of forms.

Wizcom InfoScan IS1000 Pen Scanner
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Scansoft PDF Create! 3.0
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Scansoft PDF Converter 3.0
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OmniForm Filler 5
Now you can stop filling out forms by hand and rekeying form data! OmniForm Filler 5.0 is the easiest way to complete forms and handle form data. This robust software fills out forms automatically using previously entered data. Digital signatures are supported for legally binding documents. Attachments, such as photos, scanned documents, or computer files, can be added easily. Calculations, spell checking, and field validations are handled automatically. You can even copy a previously filled form as a basis for your new form, streamlining the process even further.

OmniForm Filler 5.0 creates databases automatically for each form, making data management and analysis easier than ever before. This program also makes it possible to import data from or export data to ODBC-compliant databases, such as Access, Oracle, and dBase. The payoff? You cut your form-filling time by up to 60 percent, while still producing meticulous documents and retaining detailed data.

ISI ResearchSoft ProCite 5.0
Search, collect, and build a personal reference collection from hundreds of diskettes, CD-ROMs, and online or Web databases. Format bibliographies for hundreds of journal styles, or create an original style. Revise and fine-tune manuscripts as many times as needed, and cite references all within your word processor. Compatible with Microsoft Word for Windows 7, 97, 2000, and Corel WordPerfect for Windows 7, 8, and 9.
Reference Manager 10.0
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Professional Invoices: Get Paid Now!
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Employee Manuals Made E-Z
Employee Manuals Made E-Z covers every topic and policy that should be included in your company manual. Simply adopt the sample policy that makes the most sense for your company and customize it. Follow the advice of human-resource experts, attorneys, and psychologists to comply with the latest guidelines, laws, and personnel issues. Save hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars in research and fees. Your finished product will be written in an easy-to-understand style that supports your company culture.
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ProVenture Personal Legal Forms
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SNAP! 1,001 Letters (Jewel Case)
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303 Professional Legal Forms
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Formulator 2.5 - Forms Software
With Formulator, you can scan forms, complete them onscreen, and print the finished form in no time. Choose from printing your data onto the original, or print a copy of the form with your entries included. Formulator offers nothing short of precision printing within your original form layout. Boxed letters are no problem. Field positioning is freely adjustable and mouse controlled. You set field order and criteria. Best of all, automatic completion of data fields, such as date and time, makes the entire process a breeze.
Collecting Unpaid Bills Made EZ
Does your business have problems collecting debts from customers and clients? With Collecting Unpaid Bills Made E-Z, you can extend credit and be confident you will get paid. This complete credit and collection system of more than 200 documents helps you put legally enforceable letters, agreements, and guarantees in writing.

Streamline your collections department, slash bad debts, generate cash flow, avoid costly legal entanglements, and improve customer satisfaction. This credit and collection strategy guides you through every phase of the process from squeezing cash out of delinquent accounts to pinpointing riskier accounts. It's your first line of defense against customers who can't or won't pay.

Collecting Unpaid Bills Made E-Z forms are the foundation for sound credit decisions. They can help you better analyze your current credit practices and help you change your policies so they are more effective.

100 Legal Forms Business
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100 Professional Legal Forms for Business Use
This collection contains 100 professionally prepared American legal forms for everyday business use. All forms are in electronic format for convenient use and customization in Microsoft Word 97 or 2000. An installation menu allows easy selection of the documents you need. Categories include General Contracts, Purchase and Sales, Corporation, Employment, Leasing (Landlord & Tenant), Finance, and Technology.
Business formations Made E-Z
What type of legal entity is right for your business? What are the differences among corporations, partnerships, and limited liability companies? Business Formations Made E-Z provides all the information, explanations, and instructions, as well as sample forms in clear, easy-to-understand language. With the click of your mouse, you can have at your fingertips the kind of information that would cost hundreds or thousands to obtain from a lawyer. Also included are the forms and information you need to form your own corporation, partnership, or limited liability company.
All-In-One Form: Perforated, 250 Sheets, Blue
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Reference Manager 9.5, CD, Windows
Reference Manager is a writer's tool for researchers, offering three research tools in one: an Internet reference searcher, a database manager, and a bibliography builder. The latest version offers several new tools, while still featuring the capabilities found in previous releases of Reference Manager.

With Reference Manager 9.5 you get better access to ISI's Internet resources. A two-way link to the ISI Web of Science allows users at institutions subscribing to the ISI Web of Science one-click access through Reference Manager at no additional charge. This simple two-way connection includes ISI links to full text. Get access to ISI eSource. For the first time, with version 9.5, you can use a single mouse click in Reference Manager to purchase key reference data from ISI. ISI eSource contains nearly 10 years of data, which is searchable by topic. Three-way citation linking lets you access an author's bibliographic references, papers that subsequently cite the author's article, and related records. You can then print, save, or export the purchased citations.

Enhanced searching of Internet libraries lets you find new options for searching Internet libraries and PubMed. These include a new online session log to track results of searches, a direct URL link to each library site, and proxy server support. Support for UNImarc, UKmarc, CANmarc, GRS-1, and SUTRS export formats expands access to a greater number of Internet libraries. In addition, you can now search using the MEDLINE Unique Identifier. Plus, get other features already in Reference Manager, such as a full view of references in your word processor, the ability to click-sort on column headings and instantly recall your last search, and much more.

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Business Letters Made E-Z
Personalize your business correspondence effectively, inexpensively, and quickly with the letter that best fits your needs. More than 400 letters cover virtually every correspondence topic. Customize the letter with your company's name, your name, and other special information. You can easily edit and personalize each letter, create an entirely new letter from portions of other letters, or add you own content. The letters were written by bestselling author, Kim Komando, whose show "The Kim Komando Computer Show" is heard on more than 350 radio stations throughout the United States, Canada, and Australia.
OmniForm Filler 4.0 (10-pack)
OmniForm Filler 4.0 is a utility that allows users to fill in forms electronically. It's as simple as that. Perfect for large offices, this application lets staff electronically complete forms, without altering the structure or content of the form itself.

To use OmniForm Filler, you must first create an original form with Caere's OmniForm application. (OmniForm Filler 4.0 also supports features from OmniForm Premium 4.0.) For example, a form designer can configure the automatic completion of fields in a form following selections from a drop-down list. Similarly, if the form designer has used formulas in any area, calculations will be automatically created and implemented. OmniForm Filler 4.0 also includes a spell checker so you can make sure your forms have been completed accurately.

While there is no actual form designer tool in OmniForm Filler 4.0, you can use the software to create new forms based on existing ones. So a central services team could distribute standard memo forms, expense claim forms, diary planners, and so on, and allow individuals to duplicate blanks as many times as they require for their own use. All created forms and their content are stored locally for future reference so any data entered can be easily reused. --Sandra Vogel--This review refers to the 1-User version

OmniForm 5.0 Premium
Easily create, convert, and share digital forms. OmniForm Premium 5.0 significantly reduces the time and expense associated with creating forms and collecting form data. It streamlines the process of editing, managing, and distributing forms, while making it simple for companies to collect data from employees, vendors, customers, and prospects. It also simplifies the process of filling in forms, automatically filling in data that has been provided previously, thereby saving time and reducing keystrokes.

OmniForm is a form designer, too. It includes easy-to-use tools to create forms from scratch. Determine the size, position, and color of every element. Add a new field, logo, or edit text. Reorganize entire sections. Use DesignerToolkit to add and reuse form components, or use the predesigned templates to create a new form. Fill in forms faster and easier. Filler/Data Manager lets users fill in forms fast and accurately. It will use data from previous forms while typing, reducing valuable input time.

Automatic Web posting allows users to save forms in HTML and post to a Web site for data collection. Or with OmniForm's SSL-based eOmniForm.com service, users can post their forms and collect data without any programming or HTML experience. Forms can also be made more secure and legal by including a digital signature. For a higher level of security, passwords can be assigned to forms.

100 Prof Legal Forms - Personal
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JetForm Filler Pro 5.2.6
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Formtool Deluxe
FormTool Deluxe lets users create new business forms with 400 ready-to-use templates that can be tailored by dropping elements into place. Fill forms electronically, print them out, or send them via e-mail. Versatile FormTool forms complement applications used every day. Design freely with libraries of commonly used objects with a palette that allows you to see all your options at once.

The custom forms can be printed or filled out onscreen. Whenever you fill out a new form in FormTool Deluxe, auto-increment fields automatically create a new record and assign a unique number for convenient bookkeeping, invoicing, and more. Numerical information entered into fields on the electronic forms can be added, subtracted, multiplied, and divided automatically.

FormTool also makes it simple to collect, extract, and share data. E-mail completed forms by saving them as files that you can attach and send for others to view and print. Use the Report Tutor to create information-packed reports based on database information, and the Label Tutor for the creation of labels using information in your database.

Business Forms Made E-Z
This software includes more than 90 vital business forms to more efficiently cover every aspect of your business: administrative and planning projects, executive and administrative, accounting and finance, purchasing and shipping, sales and marketing, personnel, graphs and charts, maps, and more. Better organize your business and increase productivity, cash flow, and profits.
Corporate Recordkeeping Made E-Z
The IRS will inspect your corporate minutes, and without written documents to support corporate actions it may disallow any tax benefits resulting from those actions. This can produce a large tax liability simply because you failed to take a few moments to maintain orderly corporate minutes. With this CD-ROM, you can quickly and conveniently prepare and maintain up-to-date records without a lawyer.
Business Forms Deluxe-HR Forms
A complete collection of human resource forms for all your business needs. Save valuable time and money with these professionally prepared forms. The software includes all categories, including hiring, performance, policies, internal announcements and memoranda, and termination. Simply open the program, choose a category, and select your form. All forms can be used in common word processing applications, including Corel WordPerfect and Microsoft Word.

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